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Amaran COB 60x S




CCT Dis. No Reflector Hyper Reflector (Mini)
2,700K 0.5m 8,270 lux / 768 fc 96,100 lux / 8,928 fc
1.0m 2,087 lux / 194 fc 27,750 lux / 2,578 fc
3.0m 252 lux / 23 fc 2,965 lux / 275 fc
3,200K 0.5m 8,300 lux / 771 fc 97,400 lux / 9,049 fc
1.0m 2,100 lux / 195 fc 28,160 lux / 2,616 fc
3.0m 252 lux / 23 fc 2,980 lux / 277 fc
4,300K 0.5m 8,890 lux / 826 fc 105,400 lux / 9,792 fc
1.0m 2,248 lux / 209 fc 30,500 lux / 2,834 lux
3.0m 268 lux / 25 fc 3,230 lux / 300 fc
5,600K 0.5m 9,560 lux / 888 fc 114,700 lux / 10,656 lux
1.0m 2,427 lux / 225 fc 33,300 lux / 3,094 fc
1.0m 2,427 lux / 225 fc 33,300 lux / 3,094 fc
3.0m 288 lux / 27 fc 3,510 lux / 326 fc
6,500K 0.5m 9,560 lux / 888 fc 120,800 lux / 11,223 fc
1.0m 2,545 lux / 236 fc 35,100 lux / 3,261 fc
3.0m 302 lux / 28 FC 3,700 lux / 344 FC


More Features


The Amaran COB 60x S is an all-new ultra-compact 65W bi-color Bowens Mount point-source light with an upgraded LED chipset, bringing incredibly high color quality to the upgraded Amaran COB S series. Combined with familiar features of the original COB 60x – including bi-color capabilitiesintegrated controls, and full Bowens Mount versatility – the COB 60x S allows you to create even more with the same compact fixture.



To provide the best quality and value for indie filmmakers and content creators, the COB 60x S features an all-new dual-blue LED chipset design, ​​dramatically improving its ability to reproduce the light spectrum, resulting in best-in-class color accuracy with an 89 in daylight SSI and 90 in Tungsten SSI – making it virtually indistinguishable from actual tungsten sources. The latest LED technology brings a significant color upgrade to the Amaran family and rivals some of the highest-end lighting fixtures on the market.


Whether used as a key light or for lighting small studios or livestream setups, the significantly improved spectral quality of the COB 60x S ensures accurate skin tone reproduction with industry-leading color quality when on camera. The all-new LED chipset ensures that indie filmmakers and creators can confidently light subjects and capture the best image on set in both warm to daylight lighting possibilities.



In addition to the included power supply, you can power the COB 60x S using the included Dual Sony NP-F Battery Plate or a D-Tap Battery*. Or pair with the Light Box 45×45** and the matching Handheld Bracket*** to create the ultimate lightweight travel LED kit that can accompany you to any location, near or far. The compact point-source LED light can be set up in minutes for a mobile key light or fill light that adapts to your shoot, making it ideal for creating on-the-go.

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