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Canon EOS R50


AF Modes: One-Shot AF, AI Focus AF (stills), Servo AF / Movie Servo AF
Continuous Shooting Speed: (shots/s) (Up to) Electronic 1st curtain: 12
Electronic shutter: 15
Digital Zoom Digital Tele-converter: x2.0 & x4.0
Dimensions (Excl. Protrusions): 116.3 × 85.5 × 113.1
Image Resolution: 6000×4000 (JPEG L/RAW/C-RAW/HEIF)
3984×2656 (HEIF, JPEG M)
2976×1984 (HEIF, JPEG S1)
2400×1600 (HEIF, JPEG S2)

More Features


Coordinate Control IS

Deliver smooth handheld footage even while using a lens without image stabilization. Five-axis stabilization is delivered by Movie Digital IS to reduce the effects of camera movement.

When used in conjunction with an RF lens with IS, coordinated control is used to improve stabilization even more.




Native Vertical Recording
Aspect Marker
Amazing Speed


Images rendered in 10-bit HDR PQ have a higher dynamic range with beautiful gradations, especially in highlight areas. Achieve greater gradation when using Auto Lighting Optimizer and Highlight Tone Priority with HDR PQ.


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